Picking Art for Your Space

Art can help enhance the entire ambience or atmosphere of a room or space. Choosing the right artwork for your space can be a tricky feat. Here are some tips about how to select the perfect artwork for any room or area:

  • Don’t neglect the kitchen; many people overlook or underestimate the importance of artwork in a kitchen space. This is not somewhere that should be ignored because it is after all the heart of the home and for many, one of the most multifunctional and used rooms in the whole house. The artwork should be smaller as this often compliments the feel of the place as opposed to taking over. Sometimes it can be as simple as a fun print on the countertop or a coffee sign and coffee bar. Be sure to leave room for technology as many kitchens include tablets or televisions for recipes, emergencies, or entertainment. For information on an app that can provide medical advice in a pinch and without leaving your home and that can be downloaded straight to your kitchen or household devices click here, this is a great way to create a smart home and a great way to leverage technology in every room.
  • For the bedroom; large artwork is excellent above the bed or directly opposite the bed depending on the configuration of your bedroom. The beauty is that bedroom artwork doesn’t have to be abstract nor does it have to be an image. The key is to understand your space. For bedrooms with a lot of natural light and big windows, often the large artwork can compete and hold up in the area. Soothing colours can be best since it is where you go to sleep after all. Picking art that contrasts the tone of the wall can make a bold statement as well. One popular way to arrange artwork in the bedroom is to have a gallery wall. This allows the freedom to add and play with multiple types and mediums of art.
  • Office artwork; [office: https://www.hgtv.com/design/rooms/other-rooms/1/10-tips-for-designing-your-home-office ] space is a place where you can personalise and use all of the photos and images you would like to make the space your own. Unlike the bedroom, bold and cool tones are great options, and artwork can be hung above or opposite a desk. Floating shelves are undoubtedly a great way to display artwork in the form of objects, artefacts and photos.
  • Bathroom; simplicity can be crucial as most of the space in a bathroom is used and there is often limited wasted or empty space, especially countertops. Guest washrooms or those bathrooms on the main level can handle bright and fun artwork whereas master bathrooms are an excellent place for your favourite serene painting or landscape photos.
  • Living room; this room is typically the biggest and arguably the best blank canvas in your home. This is where art isn’t necessarily just prints or photos. Large mirrors, textured walls, murals, accent walls, statues, the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating and adding artwork to a room.