Planning Your First Art Exhibition

As an enthusiastic artist, you not only enjoy the creative process but want your work to be shown to a broader audience. the best way to do this is to host an art exhibition, but that can be a daunting process the first time. There is so much to consider, including how to display your pieces, which venue to select, how much to charge, whether to provide refreshments and ensuring your visitors are comfortable.

Consider the Seating Arrangements

If your guests are not comfortable and are expected to be on their feet for several hours, they will feel less inclined to buy anything. To ensure their comfort, arrange to have some strategically located sofas refurbished with Bemz covers. You can have a separate refreshment area where guests can relax. If you have a ready supply of affordable Bemz sofa covers, it won’t matter if a visitor spills their drink; you can quickly change the cover.

Encourage Visitors to Buy

You can display your best pieces in one specific area of the venue and place a couple of sofas in front of them. If you select an attractive cover from Bemz, your visitors will be more inclined to take a seat. They can then study your artwork at leisure without feeling pressured to buy. They will also respect the fact that by using Bemz for your covers, you have chosen an ethical company that follows stringent labor rules. This is good for your overall branding.

Deciding What to Exhibit

This is probably going to be your most challenging task. As the proud creator of many artworks, you would like to display them all. However, a few well-chosen pieces organized in an intelligent way that makes every use of the space will be a better option. This is similar to the way that Bemz operates, as the fabric consumption is calculated so that nothing goes to waste. They even hand-cut their linen products for maximum efficiency.

At the End of the Day

After all your hard work organizing your exhibition, you will undoubtedly just want to rest on one of the sofas and reflect on how well you have done. It will be a pleasure to lounge on your Bemz cover and recover from all the excitement. Hopefully, you will have made some new contacts and sold some of your artwork. All that remains to be done is to clean your Bemz covers, which is quickly done as they are machine washable, and then pack them away ready for your next exhibition.