Indoor Plants for Interior Design

Delightful, living and breathing plants are excellent for interior design. Their beautiful colors and wonderful scents bring such richness indoors, and a room without them is incomplete. Moreover, plants used in interior design could increase aesthetic appeal, not to mention the health benefits added by them. This article discusses the most popular indoor plants for interior design.


Orchids with beautiful and colorful flowers are lovely indoor plants for sophisticated and elegant home decorating. Orchids are perfect for any room, especially rooms with higher levels of moisture, such as bathrooms. Orchids can make living spaces fresh and luxurious, but growing orchids indoors requires good watering and lots of light. However, you could learn orchid watering and it is relatively easy.

Sweetheart Plant

Sweetheart plants are cascading and wonderful. They are versatile climbers and perfect for a hanging basket, pot, or wall-mount. The leaves of sweetheart plants sprout as bronze before turning into a deep and rich green. Also, their trailing vines could make a great focal point on a corner or a bookshelf, but be aware that they could irritate skin and eyes.

Palm Tree

Palm trees come in different shapes and sizes. However, uniting them are the lush fern-like fronds, which spring from the ground; the leaves of palm trees lean slightly to make a green fountain shape, which shades the surface below. Amazingly, palm trees work well equally either as a small plant for a desk or a prominent exuberant feature for a large room.


Bold monsteras, also called delicious monsters, could thrive on little attention with less sunlight. If you want to spruce up the design of your living room with plants, these low-maintenance plants are good to try. For example, you could pick a sizeable wing-leaf monstera for a bold feature.