Understanding the Concepts of Art and Design


Art and design are often considered to be one and the same and controversies over what the differences are between the two can arise. When it comes to careers an individual that is involved in the arts will call themselves artists while those in design will refer to themselves as designers.


Art is described as some form of activity or act that is carried out by an individual that creates some form of art piece that can be seen or heard. The piece of art that is created comes from the imagination and creativity of the individual who has applied their own skills in creating it.

The Arts

Within the main category of art there are several sub-categories that an artist can specialise in such as:

  • Visual Arts
  • Literary Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Multidisciplinary Art


Design is often referred to the finished look or shape of something. The dictionary describes design as to “create, fashion, execute or construct” all by following some type of plan. As with art there are sub categories of design such as:

  • Architectural Blueprints
  • Business Processes
  • Diagrams For Circuits
  • Patterns For Sewing
  • Engineer Drawings

The Differences Between the Art and Design

With there being differences in opinion, to better discern whether a finished piece is a object of design or an object of art there are going to be some components about it that may help one to come to their own decision.

The Finished Piece

Artists begin their work with an idea based on their own creativity and what they want the finished piece of art to look like. Then with this in mind now combined with their skills and techniques they will go about their work. The finished piece will be the artists concept of their creativity and imagination.

The Skill Sets

The artist has to develop their craft capabilities which is their skill set for producing their forms of art. They must have a talent for what they do in order to gain recognition as an artist. The more recognized they become the more monetary value that is placed on their art pieces.

A designer becomes recognized for their skills in their ability to be able to solve the problems with the creation of some form of design that is going to meet the needs of a specified group of people. Designers must possess superior communication skills.

The worlds of artists and designers are so closely related to the point where it is only the end piece that can really help to determine whether it was created by an artist or designer. Both of these professionals even as amateurs have their own unique skill sets, concepts and creativity all of which is highly important to society.