Art & Design – Lighting Your Home

Lighting plays a significant role in decorating any space, that is what any good interior designer will tell you, and they are correct. The right lighting not only transforms a room, but it can also reflect the owner’s personality. Lighting can highlight a feature or item of interest and conversely create a shadow to add depth and perspective to a room. As the current trend is to harvest more natural light in our homes, artificial lighting can be used sparingly but to excellent effect.

Choose The Mood With The Correct Lighting

Deciding whether the lighting is task lighting or mood lighting is very important. Task lighting is specific and focussed; mood lighting sets the room’s tone and atmosphere. So placing the glare free compact fluorescent lighting meant for a laundry room would not work well in the dining room. used effectively lighting can transform a room. It has been found people react emotionally to light, so a sense of what room is for and the atmosphere you want to generate is important, as is the type of lighting you use. As more and more natural light is used in the design of homes the more important it becomes to use artificial light correctly. Too much and the room becomes uncomfortably bright, too little and it can make a room gloomy.

Use Light to Provide Character To Your Space

Light, plus shade, plus reflection, are the key components to using lighting effectively. Without all three you get a bland space with no depth or tone, fundamentally boring. The eye is always drawn to the brightest spot so ensure what you want to display has the appropriate light fitting, be it an overhanging lamp for a favourite painting or sculpture or uplights to frame a room feature. The versatility of modern lighting is amazing and a bit of time and patience can reward you with a beautifully lit environment. Take a Look here to find examples of modern lighting design that can dramatically alter your rooms perspective, be they a bedroom, bathroom or hallway a little of the correct lighting will make a visually and mood enhancing impact.