The ‘Roaring 20s’: Art Deco One Century On

A hundred years ago, America was embarking on the decade that would later become known as the ‘Roaring 20s.’ And nothing epitomised this period in history, (also referred to as America’s ‘Jazz Age’), more than the artistic and architectural design style referred to as ‘Art Deco.’

Although Art Deco is mostly associated with the United States, it initially appeared in Paris in the years preceding the First World War. In fact, the very name ‘Art Deco’ is derived from the French term Arts Décoratifs.

Art Deco is characterised by a handful of basic design elements, including bright colours; bold geometric forms; exotic styles (often drawn from Asian and South American artistic motifs); and luxurious building materials. Classic examples of Art Deco include New York City’s Chrysler Building (completed in 1930) and Rio de Janeiro’s iconic ‘Christ the Redeemer’ sculpture (completed in 1931).

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‘Neo-Art Deco’

Recent decades have seen a resurgence of Art Deco architecture across the US. Popularly referred to as ‘Neo-Art Deco,’ this trend can be seen in Chicago’s NBC Tower (1989) and the Smith Centre for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas (2009).

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