Art and Design for Senior Living

With the ageing population, there are many more senior living facilities that are being built or are being renovated. More care as to the needs of this age group is being considered when doing this. Not only are their physical needs being strongly considered, but more care is being put into their environment, being one that will mentally stimulate them.

Local Art

Instead of investing in expensive art pieces that have been created by renowned artists, many of these establishments are turning to local artists. This is good because it serves two purposes. It supports the local community, but it also creates a personal recognition for the seniors who are going to be exposed to this art in their living quarters. The favourite forms of art that are chosen are pieces that depict what has taken place through the community during different periods. The residents of the home can relate to this.

Creating Contrast

Many who are going to live in these facilities have failing eyesight. The choice of art that they will be able to enjoy the most will be pieces that create contrast. This allows the shapes and colours of the artwork to stand out more.

Themes That Match the Room

Seniors like harmony and don’t want to be distracted. Themes for each room they will be using that is appropriate for that room will allow them to feel calm and settled. For example, art suitable for dining areas should be used here. Then, in the games and entertainment room, more bright and lively art is an excellent theme to help set the mood for the area.

Avoid Repetiton

Seniors need to be mentally stimulated, and art and design can be a powerful tool for doing this. Instead of having all art mounted, in the same way, using the same frames, it should be mixed up a bit. Pictures can be hung in exciting collections.