How Important is Art and Design for Children


Instilling an interest in The Arts for children at a young age has many benefits not only for the child but for the economy on the whole.

For the Child

The Visual Arts are an excellent learning tools for helping children to develop. Different forms of art allow them to develop their fine motor skills. The Performing Arts allows them to develop their agility and to express themselves through communication and dialogue which helps to enhance their motor skills. On a psychological level it allows children to express their thoughts and feelings and be creative. It teaches them to make choices in life. The Arts can encourage children to go in another direction which is the world of design.

For the Economy

The growth and sustaining of the economy relies heavily on how children transition into adulthood and how they take on their roles in society. The Arts and Design can play an important role in how they succeed specifically in the many different careers that they can enter into for gainful employment. Plus, it creates opportunities for these children who enter into adulthood to be able to start and grow their own businesses.