Social Media Platforms That Help Artists Grow Their Careers

The internet is currently the most potent channel for any artist who wishes to grow his or her name. Social media, in particular, sets apart ordinary artists form extraordinary ones in this age of information. If you’re looking to grow your influence and brand as an artist on social media and are lost on where to start, this post will help. We look at some of the top social media platforms that you need to take advantage of to grow your art career and your audience.

1. Pinterest

Pinterest is currently one of the leading image sharing platforms in the world. The focus here is solely on pictures, and therefore you will need to invest time in taking amazing photos of your work if you’re going to stand out. For most artists, Pinterest is the one place that they can share the more intricate images of their art because people who visit this platform do this with one thought in mind, to view photos. If you would like to grow your audience online, invest some time in setting up your Pinterest profile, and share some pictures of your work here.

2. Instagram

Instagram makes that careful blend between photographs and videos possible. A quick look at some top design firms such as will reveal that having a presence on Instagram comes in very handy in growing your global audience.

Additionally, it is good to note that as of January 2020, Instagram had surpassed the one billion users mark. Instagram also has an innovative feature known as IGTV, which allows you to share significantly longer videos. As an artist, you can take advantage of this feature to grow your followers by sharing process videos of you creating your artwork. In recent times, art pages on this platform have been amassing a considerable following, and yours can be one of them.