Art and Design Par Excellence

Whether the universe is viewed from a religious or scientific perspective, art and design have been there throughout eternity. They are the very reason for its existence. All existence, in all its splendour, comes from art and design.

Human beings of all religious and cultural persuasions love art and design. That is why the global art and design industry is, according to the Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report 2020, worth more than $64-billion, with more than 40 million annual transactions in 2019. In many countries, art and design contribute up to 5% of the GDP, exceeding even big industries like construction and transport. And proof that art and design are here to stay is the dominance of millennials among the buyers. This article explores an online shop called Desenio Europe, a continental leader in art and design products.

Online Purchases of Artworks

These are increasing steadily. According to the Global Market Report cited above, half of art collectors now purchase online. Soon, they will be the majority. What could be the reasons for that growth trend? Here are some of the advantages:

  • Price: Online art items are transparently priced. And the prices are generally lower than those of physical galleries.
  • Convenience: Buying from galleries might entail having to view items scattered at different places or over a large area. On the internet, everything is compact and easy to browse.
  • Safety: As long as the platform is a trusted one (this should always be verified), one will get quality items, and shop in a relaxed manner without feeling harassed. With the advent of COVID-19, online shopping has provided a safer trading option.
  • Ease: Ease of purchase, payment, and shipping.

Desenio Europe

This is Europe’s premier online store. According to Verdana, this sterling store ensures that everyone has access to high quality, affordable wall art and accessories. It has expanded globally by acquiring Poster Store.